8. Juli 2015

My Beauty Essentials

Hello there,

today I want to show you my beauty essentials. So you can take a peek into my beauty collection.

For me the best make up is if it's invisible to others and if it only highlights your own beauty. Therefore, the best compliment for me is if someone says: "Wooow you are a natural beauty" and NOT "Wooow your make up is so beautiful". Compliments should be about your own natural beauty not about your makeup artist or your talent as a make up artist. That's why I try not to overload my face with make up.

First I put some primer on my clean face to even out my skin. My favorite Primer is from bareMinerals Prime Time brightening/ illuminating. It gives you a glowy and fresh look. Sometimes that's enough to look fresh but in my everyday routine I put my Chanel Vitalumière Aqua which is very light but still gives you an amazing fresh look. To put foundation on, you can use a brush, mine is from Mac 159 or a beauty sponge which looks like an egg ;) if you use a sponge make sure it is damp.

Next, I put my concealer under my eye area and my favorite one is from Nars and Marc Jacobs (I love the packaging, so adorable). I have to say that the Nars concealer is better than the other one because I made the experience that it lasts longer.

For this summer my favorite lipstick is my Revlon Colorburst lipstick 090 Sweet Tart (such a cute name! I think it smells sweet and delicious)

Finally, I put my favorite fragrance on which is Flowerbomb from Victor&Rolf. It smells gorgeous! Like a bouquet of flowers! The smell is similar to Lancome La vie est belle which is also one of my favorites.

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